What Stimulates Your Imagination?

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What stimulates your imagination? What SECME experiences are fun? For starters most people think that imagination is just thinking things that don’t exist and that is mostly true. But in this situation imagination is to think new ideas that will make a project better or improvement. Also when imagining that you can do better and that imagination helps to think about new ideas that can be test on the project and see if it helps. For the other question the experience that we learn in SECME is the way to organize your ideas and that trying new things in your project is ok to make it better and even if you lose you always learn from your mistakes and can do things better. And when presenting projects it help our speaking skills…show more content…
I think that the bridge project was the most challenging of them all because of thinking how to make the bridge support a lot of weight but the end result was the best even if we did change the design of it many times the last one was the best for us. Do you enjoy creating the engineering drawing that shows the design that was used? Creating the drawing for the projects was the hardest part of the proses because I’m really bad with measuring and I’m not good at drawing ant the scale is really hard. That part was not my strong suit of the project but I did try really hard to help on how to do it but in my opinion its too confusing and hard to do. At the beginning I did it but my team mate said that she could do better and I agreed because what I had done was really bad. Do you like the challenge of figuring out ways to build a “better” car or bridge or water bottle rocket? The challenging part of this was really fun but it can get a bit frustrated because we would not figure out what to do. But the challenges are there for a reason because they help a student think and elaborate on what the project is going to work and look. All the projects were challenging but in the end it was alright and did well. Do you like to do research on interesting science, technology, engineering, and math topics? Do you like to plan big projects? When researching on topics
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