What Strategies Should You Use Before Taking A Test And Explain How You Might Use Them?

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1. What strategies should you use before taking a test and explain how you might use them?

Avoid cramming the night before. You will retain more both on test day and afterwards for comprehensive exams if you study regularly and at a reasonable pace. While a brief review will help, avoid an exhaustive cramming session that leaves you facing the test tired.

Prepare your equipment. You should have two or three pens or pencils with good erasers, as well as books, note cards, or “cheat sheets” your instructor permits. If you are taking a math or science test, bring a calculator with good batteries. Also, since you won’t be allowed to use your cell phone, bring a watch to keep track of time. Lastly, if allowed, bring some chewing gum to deal with nervous tension.

Be physically ready. Your previous preparation can go to waste if you don’t get a good night’s sleep before test day. You should also eat a healthy meal and be well hydrated before the exam begins. Avoid overeating or consuming excessive caffeine before your test. Also, use the restroom before the test begins, and if it is permitted, bring a bottle of water.

Find out as much as you can about the exam before it begins. Find out details about the format of the test. Ask your professor if you will have to write any essays. If essays are your weak point, research potential essay topics and create an outline in order to save time for other sections of the test. Also, remember to ask about the
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