What Strengths Of Organizational Leadership Presented By Sales And Marketing

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provisions for sexual harassment; and HR Manager (SS) Sheila Simmons lacks communications skills, and high job stress.
Identifying the strengths of organizational leadership presented by Sales and Marketing (PI) Kenneth Bright along with OD consultant can lead and manage the organizational change. The OD consultant plans to introduce and communicate the change initiative to the employees begin with an interview questions by gender, organizational levels and age. Using Lewin’s method (B), functions (f), personality(P), motivators and the environment (E) which each individual at (SS), (PI) and (OB). Equation:B=f(P,E), considering the motivators there is identification of individual involvement and group behavior ; these forces act on them
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All managers implement a question and answer session within each department of the change plan as the OD consultant assist the management executive teams by setting realistic completion goals through communication strategies.
As the executive team and OD consultant face challenges of organizational resistance by promoting a trusting behavior at (SS) will be successful in organizational change. According to Rivero (2013) the root of the resistance come in a false sense of urgency which leads insubstantial encounters among management teams and employee which lead to an inability to function in the organization. It is vital that stakeholders at (SS) exchange ideas which will transcend into shared visions, and respect in all stages of the organizational transition before, during and after organizational change.
According to Yamanoi & Sayama (2013) found studies that propose the effects of lower post-merger financial performance is due to lack of cultural integration and creates organizational dysfunctions, with interpersonal conflict, organizational communication ineptitude, thus creating employee and executive turnover. With cultural
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