What Stromer Named Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus ( Mueller 2014 )

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Between 1910 and 1914 Earnest Stromer lead several expeditions into the Sahara desert in Egypt. The goal of these expeditions was to collect fossils and what they found was an assortment of turtle, fish, dinosaur and crocodile fossils (Mueller 2014). The most striking was the partial fossil of a large dinosaur that had large neural spines, bony extensions perpendicular to and connected to the vertebrae. This partial skeleton was the holotype, the first specimen in which the description and name of the animal is based on, of what Stromer named Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (Mueller 2014). The skeleton was stored and put on display in the Bavarian State Collection for Paleontology and Geology in Munich. The remains stayed there until world war II when allied bombers bombed Munich, the museum and the remains of S.aegyptiacus were destroyed. The only things that remained of S.aegyptiacus were some field notes, photographs and drawings. S.aegyptiacus belonged to the clade Dinosauria, the order Saurischia, suborder theropoda and the family spinosauridae. The closest known relative of S.aegyptiacus is Baryonyx walkeri which belongs to the subfamily Baryonychinae (Buffetaut and Ouaja 2002). Most fossil specimens of S.aegyptiacus have been found in the Sahara desert in northern Africa. Other spinosaurid fossils have been found which may or may not be different species than S.aegyptiacus. Spinosaurus moroccanus is the name given to fossil specimens found in Morocco which are thought to be a

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