What The 5 / 20 Rule Is Essential For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

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This paper explains what the 5/20 Rule is, how it can be used with common foods within one’s pantry and how to properly read a nutrition facts label. Being familiar with the 5/20 Rule and the basic steps to reading a nutrition facts label are essential for living a healthy lifestyle. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (2011) provided great information on both aspects through video and illustration. The 5/20 Rule is simply a way to track if a certain food is a good or bad source of a particular nutrient; if it falls below 5%, then it is not a good source for that nutrient, but if it contains more than 20%, it is (USFoodandDrugAdmin, 2011). I tested this method on a common pantry item, cereal, and found it quite helpful. Also, the FDA (2014) provides a list of steps for understanding these nutrients and more found on the nutrition facts labels. These steps include checking the serving size, considering the amount of calories and those from fat, limiting specific nutrients, getting enough of other nutrients, understanding the footnote, and knowing the Percent Daily Value (Administration, 2014). All of these pieces of information aid in living a healthy lifestyle.
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Understanding the Food Label
Understanding the nutrition facts on food labels can aid in living a healthy lifestyle. Simple ways of doing so include having knowledge of the 5/20 Rule and following the six main steps of the “Nutrition Facts” label…
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