What The Buddha Taught By Walpola Rahula

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I enjoyed reading What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula because the author deeply analyzed the life and teachings of Siddhattha Gotama, or the Buddha, and the impact he has had on the world during his time and even in today’s society. This book was particularly interesting to me because before reading it or taking this class, I was ignorant to the practices of Buddhism altogether, but have always had the desire to learn more. Rahula begins the book by introducing the Buddha by his personal name, Siddhattha Gotama. Gotama was born into a rather affluent family, as his father was ruler of the kingdom of the Sakyas. Eventually, Siddhattha was “confronted with the reality of life and the suffering of mankind” (Rahula 29) and left home at age 29 to find a solution to suffering in the world. Rahula paints a colorful picture of Siddhattha roaming the world for six years and opening himself to ascetic practices, but he was not yet satisfied. Siddhattha eventually “abandoned all traditional religions and their methods and went his own way” (30), in order to satisfy his hunger for spiritual connections. After his searching Gotama finally attained Enlightenment, giving him the name of the Buddha, or “The Enlightened One”. Rahula emphasizes an important point that the Buddha “recognized no differences of caste or social groupings and the Way he preached was open to all men an women who were ready to understand and to follow it” (31), which was a major factor in allowing Buddhism
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