What The Future Holds For Us

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Dominique Hurd
Professor Carson
English 101
September 26, 2015
What the Future Holds for Us
Throughout the first module, the main topic was Energy Sources in the past, present and the future. When talking about how energy was and is being used, it makes the people of our country think what it will hold in the many years to come and if lights will even exist anymore. The more we think about it, the scarier it gets. There are many different types of energy that have evolved from the past into present time that have just been better improved to make up for today’s society. The list could go as far back as Greek Mythology and how fire was made from stone and any available wood. Later on, it was able to be made from the sun and a magnifying glass. As time passed, energy can now be made with a flick of a switch with the right calculations and resources. For present time energy, we use solar panels and windmills to have enough power to make energy. As for the future, who knows what could be known as “energy.” Throughout the following, there will be multiple examples of past, present and future sources of energy.
To begin with, as far many history books and science classes have taught us how most of our energy is made, it dates back all the way to Greek Mythology. The very first heat/energy was powered by wood and coal and eventually by oil and natural gas. Other sources of energy were used from the draft animals and human labor. Fossil fuels were another main source of energy back
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