What The Homestead Act Is Through Its Powerpoint Slideshow And Worksheet Activities

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I found a great lesson to work off of for my lesson plan on history of the Homestead Act. The original lesson was well organized but very short. I chose to focus on Domain 2 Conceptual Understandings because this lesson plan only had one assessment and I felt that the assessment was weak in whether a teacher could gage students understanding of the material. This lesson did a below average job of explaining what the Homestead Act is through its powerpoint slideshow and worksheet activities. I also didn 't like how the lesson plan was designed to show a video clip of the Western Expansion at the very end of the lecture. I feel that by showing this video is pointless and students might lose interest by the end of the lesson.
Overall, I agree with the lesson objective but modified it to make it fit my lesson. I also thought that the opening question was a good way to start a discussion of what the Homestead Act is and why settlers moved west. I think this question really gets students thinking and is a great segway to the powerpoint lecture. After the class discussion the lesson plan went right into the the powerpoint lecture. I think this is a great next step but the powerpoint was very dry and boring. There is no way a class of 4th graders could sit for 20 minutes listening to the provided powerpoint. The worksheet packet is a great idea but it did not follow along with the powerpoint and at points is confusing. I believe if a teacher is going to provide a worksheet packet
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