What The Individual Thinks About Cosmetic Surgery Is The Component Of Affect

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According to Solomon et al (2006), an attitude can be described in terms of three components: affection, behaviour and cognition. The model is known as the ABC model of attitudes. Affect refers to the individual’s feeling, emotions linked to an attitude object. Behaviour involves a person’s actions and past experiences regarding to an attitude object. Cognition refers to people’s beliefs, thoughts and attributes associated with the object. In the case, what the individual thinks about cosmetic surgery is the component of affect. How to act in certain ways toward the surgery is behaviour. Cognition is involved in the beliefs and knowledge of plastic surgery. For most of women, undergoing cosmetic surgery in life is an important issue that should be considered comprehensively. Women are motivated to seek out any amount of information, consult with experts or to discuss with family or friends before doing the surgery (Tseng, 2009). These processes influence their feelings, and form thoughtful decisions. This careful choice process called the standard leaning hierarchy of effect assumes that women are highly engaged in making purchase decisions. If the decision is important to people or in some way central to their self-concept, this process is likely to occur (Solomon et al, 2006, p.278).

An attitude can form in different ways that occur in classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning or cognitive process (Solomon et al, 2006, p.282). The levels of commitment…

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