What The Problem Of Evil Is Under A General Scope

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In this paper, I explain what the problem of evil is under a general scope in order to demonstrate the synthesis of my research. I also describe and evaluate four classic examples of solutions, or attempts, to solve the issues surrounding the problem of evil. These approaches to the problem were discussed in our textbook and include, karma, appeal to sovereignty, the consolation of promise, and dualism. I also include some selective quotations from a variety of scholars that compliment my evaluation and help further illuminate my insights. I discuss the reoccurring theme of possible indifference displayed by God in regards to humankind. I also touch on the possible implications of having an indifferent solution to the problem of evil…show more content…
This event was so disturbing that it actually modified or destroyed the faith of many of the survivors. One of the explanations usually offered, is that through pain and suffering, vital life lessons can be ascertained. Mark Stephen Murray Scott seems to echo this thought in his work, Theodicy at the margins: New trajectories for the problem of evil. Mark Stephen Murray Scott states (2011), "Since Christ was the ultimate victim of oppression, he identifies with those who suffer from victimization." (p. 151) He discusses how when we embrace ours and other people 's pain and suffering that we are effectively embracing God. I feel this is a weak argument though because how could so much excessive, grotesque pain and suffering be necessary? I agree that pain and suffering can help us evolve and become a better version of ourselves, but I don 't agree with the cost. Could an excess of evil teach us important lessons? I believe the answer is yes, but so can a small or moderate amount of evil as well. There seems to be a disconnection with the cost versus the actual value of the information gained. Our text explores four different attempts at answering the issue of evil 's existence. Our book describes the four common attempts at finding a solution to the problem of evil as, karma, the consolation of promise, the appeal to sovereignty, and dualism. The concept of karma involves the individual person being reborn repeatedly until they can learn
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