What The Software Design Life Cycle?

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Assignment 2 P5 To achieve P5, learners are expected to: a) Describe and explain what the Software Design Life Cycle is The SDLC Software design life cycle is used for the design and development stage of a software system. It’s the structure for design and development the life cycle has multiple stages, there are 9 in total. Requirements, Specification, Design, implementation, testing and debugging, deployment, maintenance and post mortem. All of these stages are part of the software design life cycle. The reason they use the SDLC is to see if the software there producing is up to standards meets their desire of design. b) Describe and explain the nine necessary stages of the life cycle: • Requirements This is the first step of the…show more content…
• Specification This is the second step of SDLC it’s called Specification in this stage both developers and clients are deciding on who their going to realise the software for the age audience. The hardware and software requirements to make sure its compatible with the users for example if their making it for Mac or Windows they need to make it compatible for that OS. Other specification the input and output of the data and what’s needed to show the user. So the main specification to cover is the function of the software and hardware but also the security system logging in and out. • Design Design is the third stage of the SDLC. This is thinking more into the visual side of the process by planning the code and design for the software, by designing the GUI/user interface. Creating diagrams for the visual look doing a flow diagram and the step of that process. Once the developers have decided on the design of the software such as the interface and creating the diagrams they would then move on to the fourth stage of SDLC • Implementation This is the fourth stage of SDLC, the implementation is putting the physical code design that was created from the design stage and making it. This part of the process can slow the project down even though you have planned it you can still run into problems and errors this could delay the process. The developers that have built the software they then need to move
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