What The Therapeutic School Is And How It Came

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In The Therapeutic School John Rice talks about what the therapeutic school is and how it came to be. In his article Rive talks about how there are four underlying course assumptions of therapeutic ethic. The first assumption is that “human nature is intrinsically benevolent, positive, and constructive.” By saying this Rice means that human nature is naturally good and positive. The second assumption that is made is that “cultural and societal repression of the self is the cause of virtually all forms of psychological sickness.” What he means by saying this is that through the socialization process we are being repressed from being our ‘true selves’. The third core assumption that Rice talks about is stated as “the psychological sickness born of repressions is, in the aggregate, the cause of a wide variety of public problems.” When talking about this Rice is talking about how since socialization causes us to repress our true self, which can lead people to develop psychological problems. The final assumption that is made is that “people must be set free from cultural and societal repression.” By this Rice is saying that if someone wants to be able to be their true self they need to be liberated from the control that their society and culture have on them. The therapeutic ethic redefines the role of the teacher and teaching by getting them to adapt to the students needs. The way that Rice puts it is that “teachers and schools must adapt themselves and accommodate the
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