What The Unconscious Contains And How Those Contents Can Enter Into Consciousness

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1. Explain what the unconscious contains and how those contents can enter into consciousness. Give an example that is not in the textbook. The unconscious is a group of thoughts, feelings, urges or memories that are suppressed beneath the conscious. We may think or feel something and not fully understand why that occurs, this can be considered the unconscious. These thoughts can enter the conscious by being distorted or disguised this is usually because they are kept out to stop fear anxiety. An example of this would be a slip of the tongue, where you say something because you were unconsciously thinking it. 2. Explain what repression is and why it occurs. Repression is the bottling up or subduing of painful or troubling memories or…show more content…
4. Explain what consciousness contains. This is the only part of the mental state that is directly available to us, it contains two sources. The first is the perceptual conscious basically anything we perceive through our senses and the second is from the preconscious. 5. Compare and contrast the importance of the unconscious, preconscious, and conscious according to Freud. Specifically, explain which is the most important and which is the least important and why. The unconscious is all the feelings and urges that are suppressed beneath the conscious and preconscious. The only way for these to get past the preconscious into the conscious is to be disguised or misinterpreted. This according to Freud would be the most important of the three because it is where the greatest part of influence is hidden under the surface. The preconscious is the gatekeeper between the two; it tries to keep the unconscious thoughts from entering the conscious mind. The least important is the conscious because it plays the most minor role and it is what you are aware of at all times. 6. Explain the differences between the id, ego, and superego. Make sure to include the principles they operate by and where (unconscious, preconscious, conscious) each primarily operates. The id is completely unconscious, it has no contact with reality and strives to reduce tension by fulfilling desires. Its sole job is to seek pleasure, and is amoral so it operates by the pleasure principle.
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