What They Did Wrong: Malpratice in the Medicial Field Essay

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What is malpractice? The given definition is improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by a medical practitioner, lawyer, or public official. These cases are occurring more all over the state than they should be due to human era. The people at the hands of doctors are being let down as well as left with disfiguration or even death. These cases are leaving people to question their surgeons as well as the nurses attending with them.
In the case listed here Dr. Loren J. Borud was scheduled to perform surgery on Mr. Michael Hicks early on a Friday morning. The surgery was liposuction and a scar repair procedure. Dr. Loren informed the patient the procedure would take approximately ninety minutes, but …show more content…

The nurse should have never allowed the doctor to proceed in that state. If she would have stopped him the injuries to Mr. Hicks would not have happened. No doctor should ever be allowed to operate in that state he was in at that time. Not only is it dangerous it in ethically wrong of the doctor to perform such a reckless act.
In addition to this matter the medical staff are just as reckless as the doctor in this case because why would any sane person allow a doctor to fall asleep during an operation? They themselves should have noticed the state the doctor was in and took immediate action. This is a medical oath medical professional take and should obey at all times. The medical staff should have alerted the proper authorities in the hospital immediately and the harm on the patient could have been prevented. The medical staff allowed the doctor to fall asleep not once, but seven times. This is beyond shocking, it is a totally outrageous move on all the medical teams behaves.
A nurse attending stated “during the morning’s second surgery, he actually dozed off. The nurse took him aside and recommended that he take a break, but he refused and returned to the operation.” The nurse here was in fault in more ways than one. This nurse should never allowed the doctor return back to operate on the patient, he should have been removed from the operating room immediately. The nurse should have

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