What This Economy Needs Essay

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Are we going about this the right way?

About the largest issue we seem to face as a nation (we, meaning the United States) is lack of confidence in our businesses. After all, it’s lack of confidence in our financial institutions that brought about this recession in the first place. But we need to go further.

The Federal plan seems to be geared toward stimulating the economy by giving tax breaks and injecting financial resources into various parts of the economy. But that’s just not going to cut it. When faced with slow economic times, many companies will elect to reduce their workforce, known in most circles as a layoff. Whereas that certainly stems the tide of the company’s bleeding, is it a good idea? I mean, does it actually
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Employees begin to shoulder a greater portion of the burden for the company’s success, and are still in danger of losing their jobs at any moment.

One would think that employees can write their own destiny by being good workers. Well, there’s several things wrong with that. To start with, if someone’s job is itself being eliminated, then it doesn’t matter how good that person is; their job is gone, and far be it from the company to retrain that loyal worker. Additionally, the litigious society we have built has made the layoff business not an affair to get rid of dead weight, but an HR-led campaign to lay off people of seemingly-random demographics to avoid any hint of impropriety. When my company laid people off, the worst workers in my group stayed while some of the best ones were let go. That makes things terrifying for those of us that are still here, and we realize that no matter how hard we work, it doesn’t make us safe from a layoff. Instant begrudged employee.

Companies who go through a layoff also will frequently have a sudden upturn in their business afterward and will then open their doors for hiring. How often have you seen someone get laid off only to return to their job as a contractor six weeks later? It happens all too often, I can tell you. My company
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