What Three Components Are Independent Or Do They Influence Each Other?

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Do you think that the three components are independent or do they influence each other? No, I don’t think, that value, equity, and retention equity are independent but rather I believe that they influence each other. These three concepts focus on an employee’s perception of the employer and the organization in general. They are therefore not independent of each other because of various reasons. For there to be retention equity, that is an employee’s loyalty towards a particular company and their ability to stay in that company, brand, value and retention equity have to be in place. Employees, therefore, weigh the value equity and brand equity for them to determine whether they will stay in a particular job or whether they are attracted to a particular organization (Sokro, 2012). Brand equity has a role to play as it will determine the way employees feel about their job and that will consequently determine whether they will continue working for an organization or not. Thus, the three concepts are interrelated as they all determine whether or not an organization will have a high turnover, whether employees are satisfied with their jobs and the kind of emotions that these employees have towards their employer. Is this a problem for managing retention with the employee equity model? Why or Why not? Yes this is a huge problem for managing retention with the employee equity model. The interdependence of the three concepts has an impact on the final decisions of an employee. For
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