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I. What three statements from Lk 1:1-4 apply to Acts as well and help to explain what Acts contains? A. Luke informs the reader of three things. First, reliable traditions about Jesus and the early Christian movement have been handed down by eyewitnesses. B. Second, Luke has made careful investigation of these experiences and reports. C. Third, he dedicates his work to the reader’s knowledge and growth in the Christian faith. These three statements apply not only to Luke but to Acts as well. They help account for the plausibility, careful reporting, and theological sensitivity of the book. II. Briefly discuss Acts historical and theological significance. A. Acts is distinguished on two counts: its historical vale and its theological insight. Historically, Acts mentions over thirty countries, more than fifty towns or cities, numerous islands, and nearly one hundred persons, about sixty of whom are not mentioned elsewhere in the New Testament. B. Luke wrote with historical interest, but his topics were of theological importance. They include: world mission, the providence of God, the Power of the Spirit, restored Israel, inclusive gospel, the Gospel’s Triumph. C. Theologically, Luke does not set out to write a systematic account of early church teaching. Yet, in powerful fashion he narrates the development, discussion, and at the time dissension surrounding the spread of early preaching about Jesus Christ. D. Particularly in Acts speeches and sermons, to the audience of
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