What Tillie Olsen 's Her Life Story

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When reading the story and getting to know Tillie Olsen 's this could be her life story. The birth of her first daughter, Karla, at age nineteen. Karla 's father was not a constant presence in her life, and even Olsen herself at times had long periods of time when she lived away from her daughter when she was a child “After a while I found a job hashing at night so I could be with her days, and it was better. But it came to where I had to bring her to his family and leave her It took a long time to raise the money for her fare back” (pg. 271). In 1929, Olsen began a journey of low paying jobs as a hotel maid, packinghouse worker, linen checker, waitress, laundry worker, factory worker and secretary, in Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota, in time moving to California. In 1932, her first daughter, Karla, was born and her journey was expanded as a single mother in an era where the term “women didn’t work” validated the stereotype of women of what was considered as a woman 's job (Olsen, T 2015). She was jailed for organizing packinghouse workers in Omaha and Kansas City, and became involved in labor, social and political causes of the depression era. It was while recovering from inflammatory disease and tuberculosis as an effect of the factory conditions along with the time she spent in jail she began writing (Olsen, T 2015). In spite of the refusal by public dignitaries to accept the conditions of the country the prove was that it was affecting citizens lives every day.
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