What To Do About The Pollution Essay

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What To Do About The Pollution Have you ever stopped to think about what our personal motor vehicles are doing to our environment? Gasoline powered vehicles are one of the biggest causes of the depletion of our ozone. There are so many ways we can clean up our environment, but first we need to stop polluting it. If a major action were to be taken, efficient funds would need to be collected in order for any project to be successful. That is why I propose that in order to fund conservation of the natural environment, the federal government should increase gasoline tax by $1.00 per gallon. It only seems fair to raise the price of the major cause of the pollution problem. In order to reduce pollution, mass transportation in cities…show more content…
Since electric vehicles are considered to be 97% cleaner then gasoline powered vehicles, I would think the government would want people to be buying them. EV-Economic Benefits.7Oct2001.http://www.sdge.com/EV/Benefits/econ.html There are many environmental benefits in using electric vehicles. The fact that they are 97% cleaner than gasoline powered cars is also taking into account the emissions from the power plants that generate the electricity to recharge electric vehicle batteries. Besides, it is much more efficient to control air pollution from a single power plant rather than from many individual automobiles. In a year, driving an electric vehicle reduces the amount of air pollutants by 17 pounds of hydrocarbons, 14 pounds of nitrogen oxides, and 200 pounds of carbon monoxide. Gasoline powered cars emit pollutants whenever the engine is running. Simply starting your car or sitting in traffic produces air pollutants and filling the gas tank releases harmful fuel vapors. Since electric vehicles don't use oil, there is no chance of accidental spillage or improper disposal. Much of the pollution in our rivers, bays, and ground water is due to automobile waste fluids being dumped or spilled into storm drains. In addition, the pollution from gasoline powered cars increases as the car ages. Electric vehicles maintain the same low- pollutant output

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