What To Look For In Shakespeare

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A. Shakespeare’s words were created to be seen. Shakespeare created his plays in orders for actors to act out and that is why watching it performed is the best way to understand it. In Dr. Calandra’s Guide to “What To Look For In Shakespeare”, he discusses how the plays were originally written without female actors being used. This is an important fact to consider because with male playing female parts some of the lines that Shakespeare created seem to have double meaning. This can be related to Twelfth Night. In the Twelfth Night, Viola was a man dressed like a woman portraying a man. In the rehearsal, Viola discusses her love for an older women and the director really wanted to highlight the words she was saying because she wasn’t…show more content…
In relation the Hamlet scene, the character acting lost if the audience sees the amount of lost while Hamlet’s voice in enraged there able to understand the scene more in depth based on the emotion they see based off the actor’s body language. In Macbeth’s rehearsal the director wanted to focus on how Lady Macbeth slowly loses herself and seems to become crazed. When Lady Macbeth sees her husband after he murders the king without the actors the audience wouldn’t be able to decipher that she isn’t phased in what she wanted her husband to do to make her Queen, but she is phased by how crazy he has become. In Much Ado About Nothing, the director moved the location of the door that Beatrice needed to exit the scene. With this change the audience sees the distress she is as she withdraws herself from…show more content…
She goes around singing all these whimsical songs as if the man she was supposedly in love with wasn’t in distress. Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship seemed toxic because she has been controlled by a strong male figure her whole life and as Hamlet get crazed his personality slowly becomes weaker. Hamlet and Gertrude after his father’s death never seemed to be strong because of all the betrayal underlined with anger that he felt towards her. My opinions aren’t dissuade by others but are verified by the way the actors portrayed the character in Barangh’s film.
In the text, while Gertrude and Hamlet are talking as he confesses his thoughts on Claudio he drones on and on about how she must resist him and not allow him in her chambers tonight. The one line the Gertrude says is what must I do. This line is important because throughout her son sounding crazy she still shows him respect by believing what he is saying. This is important because it shows how much she cares about him as her
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