What Triggers Could Cause The Outbreak / Further Escalation Of Conflict?

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What triggers could contribute to the outbreak/ further escalation of conflict?

“Politics, plays a very vital role in an intense and violent struggle like the one in Jos. This precipitates inter and intra communal/ethnic conflict”. In order to adequately understand the nature of any, there is the need to understand the possible causes of such crises. From the analysis of scholars in the field of conflict resolution, causes of conflict can range from historical, mythological and political perspectives to mention a few. Dawan (2004) traces the root of the crisis in Plateau State to people. He opines that, “the settlers” feel they were being labeled as such in order to be further marginalized”. This feeling among the people instigated the debate on the ownership of Jos. Also, the creation of Local Governments and Federal Constituencies by the Babangida administration in a lopsided manner gave “the minority Muslim Hausa/Fulani economic and political advantages over the indigenes; this further fueled the crisis” (the International Conflict Group 2012). Any political machination of this nature can and will always trigger conflict now or in future.

What new factors contribute to prolonging conflict dynamics?

Ellsworth (1999) discovered that “ethnicity and religious affiliation are the two highest ranked identity makers for a vast majority of Nigerians than other indices such as state, national, ECOWAS and African identity”. Ellsworth research revealed that “northerners are
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