What Type Of Body Language?

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Employee Interaction
Body language is the postures, facial expressions, and gestures we make to communicate. Body language can be used in place of words or it can be accompanied by spoken language. This form of language allows those involved in a conversation to understand communication with others more easily and effectively. The way a person stands, moves and focuses their attention allows others to notice and understand how the person feels in a situation. If someone is not comfortable in a situation, they may say they are comfortable, but could look down, keep their feet together or crossed, and they may hold their arms close to their body. This signals to the others that this person is not comfortable. Employee interactions with customers and other employees is unique in that their interactions with customers are very different from their interactions with each other. While conducting research on employee interactions at an apple orchard in central Maine on a Saturday and Sunday morning, I asked myself the following questions: What type of body language was used while communicating with the customer? What gestures did the employee and the customer make? How was this different from the body language and gestures made between co-workers? These questions are essential to the research, because asking the questions during observations allows for more accurate and detailed observation. The questions guide the research and keeps it focused on the movements of the chosen…

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