What Type Of Container Affect Ice Cream Melting Time?

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PROBLEM: How does the type of container affect the ice cream melting time? HYPOTHESIS: Out of the 4 containers I think the cardboard container will melt the ice cream in 30 minutes because the heat will go through the ice cream faster, I believe it is made of a thinner material and that is why I think it is a weaker container MATERIALS: Plastic cup Styrofoam cup Cardboard cup Cake cone 1.5 quart of ice cream Timer Pen Paper Ice Cream Scooper REFERENCES AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: FACTS: Something cool about keeping your ice cream to last longer from melting without a cooler will be to place it in a plastic container and put a thick towel around it. the towel will…show more content…
Timer: a tool to measure the time Liquid: having a consistency like that of water or oil, flowing freely but of a constant volume. Foam: a mass of small bubbles formed on or in liquid, typically by agitation or fermentation. OBSERVATIONS: Once I put the ice cream in each container I notice the ice cream looks soft but not melted yet. After 5 min passed the plastic container created a thin layer of ice surrounding the container. The ice cream in the cake cone was now dripping. I checked the ice cream for 5 min until the 25 min checkpoint, the only thing I notice was that the cake cone holding the ice cream was getting weaker. At 52 minutes the ice cream in the cake cone melted completely and turned into a liquid form. Now I just kept checking the remaining containers and the cream in the cardboard cup were melting faster than the other two. At the 62 minute mark, the ice cream in the cardboard cup started to turn into a foam and melted. Then I only had two containers to see, styrofoam and plastic. After 20 minutes the ice cream in the plastic cup completely melt. The only remaining cup was the styrofoam cup and melted at the 108-minute
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