What Type Of Design Use Conduct Research?

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A researcher has to choose a topic of interest to investigate and the topic usually determines what type of design to use conduct research. The two designs (quantitative and qualitative) that researchers will choose from depends on the research questions and hypothesis. In most cases the designs will contain some of the same elements but the data, and results will differ in the end. This paper will examine quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research design of the two articles. Quantitative Research Approach: Research Questions. This study will not include hypotheses but there will be research questions addressed in the study. The questions consist of the following: RQ 1: Why is texting leading students to become less coherent writers? RQ 2: What do effective writing skills allow learners to do? RQ 3: Why is it important to be able to write well? Explanation of Research Approach and Alignment with Problem. Writing is one of the main sources of communication today. Throughout the years writing has changed drastically because many students are choosing to text and write the same way. Teachers are expressing their concerns about the lack of students writing skills. Many individuals feel texting has a negative impact on learners. Researchers argue that text messaging throw mechanics of writing out the door (quote). Today, text messaging is a must have for many individuals (quote). This tool is a quick way for them to communicate back and forth. While texting

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