What Type Of Exercise Will Be Conducted?

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An exercise’s effectiveness has a direct correlation to the amount of planning and preparation completed beforehand .

The key questions in the planning and preparation aspect of an exercise to be answered include:
• What type of exercise will be conducted?
• What type of exercise scenario will be used?
• Who will participate in the exercise activity and what level of knowledge and understanding of the Business Continuity Management program do the participants have (including their roles and responsibilities)?
• What parts of the plan will be tested?
• Who will facilitate and observe the exercise outcomes?

Exercising a plan is broken down into 5 phases as follows:
• Phase 1 Preparing the Foundation
• Phase 2 Design and Develop the Exercise
• Phase 3 Conduct the Exercise
• Phase 4 Evaluate and Report on the Exercise
• Phase 5 Improvement Planning

The end goal of the exercising plans is to maintain a high level of competency, readiness and increase the probability of success in response to a real incident/crisis.

The purpose of exercising plans is to allow personnel to practice their response to a business disruption. Exercises are designed to provide participation based learning/training and allow participates to gain experience and practice in realistic simulated business disruption situations in their relevant functions. In addition, these exercises are used to identify equipment, procedure, and operating gaps that could impact the…
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