What Type Of Exercise Will Be Conducted?

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An exercise’s effectiveness has a direct correlation to the amount of planning and preparation completed beforehand .

The key questions in the planning and preparation aspect of an exercise to be answered include:
• What type of exercise will be conducted?
• What type of exercise scenario will be used?
• Who will participate in the exercise activity and what level of knowledge and understanding of the Business Continuity Management program do the participants have (including their roles and responsibilities)?
• What parts of the plan will be tested?
• Who will facilitate and observe the exercise outcomes?

Exercising a plan is broken down into 5 phases as follows:
• Phase 1 Preparing the Foundation
• Phase 2 Design and Develop the
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The objectives of performing an exercise are as follows:
• ensure that persons identified as being required to perform a function as part of the plan are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities during a business disruption;
• validate that completeness of the relevant plan;
• determine whether the assumptions and procedures identified in the relevant plan can provide the required level of support;
• validate the procedures identified to resume essential services and/or normal operations;
• measure the preparedness to continue or resume essential services;
• test the ability to implement the plan within a specified time period and
• uncover inadequacies so that processes and procedures can be corrected

Exercise Development Team
Depending on the size of the exercise and the exercise scope, the Plan Owner may decide to create an Exercise Development Team. The Exercise Development Team will discuss and determine the type of exercise to run, the budget required, participation composition and acquire resources. Exercise Development Team members cannot be players, due to advance knowledge of exercise specifics.

The following is an example of how a team might be organized.

Lead Exercise Planner
• assigns tacks and responsibilities;
• establishes exercise development timeline; and
• guides and monitors exercise development
• chairs debriefs and ensures preparation of post exercise reports

Operations Group/Individual
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