What Type Of Governments Promoted An Exclusive Notion Of The National Community

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Life in Europe took some wild turns during the 20th century, making political parties and ideologies split in many different directions. Nationalism was derived from Enlightenment Thought that represented the nation under one law. Even though the conservatives at the time opposed the idea and socialists were split, things still continuously changed. “Nationalism… was another radical idea that gained popularity in the years after 1815 [and] ... found inspiration in the vision of the people united by a common language, a common history and culture, and a common territory” (McKay 663). Nationalism, also considered liberalism, which brought on ideas of election and the want for constitutions, led to every government with a constitutional…show more content…
The population of Italy are mainly Aryans; which is considered the founding race of Europe and its’ origins came from Northern India. “This ancient purity of blood is the greatest measure of the Italian’s nation’s nobility” (Fascist Manifesto 2). The major difference between the ideology of Italy and Germany was the idea of race, but this soon diminished as they started taking after one another. Mussolini and Italy became racist after 1938. They demanded that Jews do not belong to Italy and that they are Asian. This collaboration between Mussolini and Hitler was what drove the next government to power. The next radical government is known as the National Socialists. After being appointed chancellor by president Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler led Nazi Germany with a mission to wipe out the Jewish race. Hitler blamed all of his failures in life on the government or the “Jewish-Bolshevism” (combination of Jews & Communism). He believed that all Jews were considered outside the national community and they were set out to destroy Aryans. Hitler’s ideology of having Aryan racial purity was the same as Mussolini’s. But, unlike Benito, Hitler was strictly fueled by race. When he was first put into reign, Hitler took out any and all peoples who opposed his ideas including socialists, communists, the press, non-nazi’s, etc. “Nazi ‘race scientists’ believed they could use eugenic methods (selective breeding of humans to improve the population) of social engineering to
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