What Type Of Grandma Is A Hero

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“You know, heroes are ordinary people that have achieved extraordinary things in life.” - Dave Winfield
Her Strength
Grandma is a hero. Ma was born into a time which girls were only to follow she was married off at a young age. Being a follower has little to do with weakness and Ma’s best quality was her boldness. She was the second of four wives and had 12 kids. A few years after she was married she became a Christian. Being the second of four wives was not ideal so she made the decision to leave. At the time it was not the best idea but she did it despite the odds and raised 12 kids on her own but that’s not why she is a hero.
Ma did her best to leave each child with love and kindness and some grew up to be great and others strayed far away. Everyday Ma would work for many hours. When she came home she would prepare food for the family and make sure they were ready for the day. As time went on and
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Through 17 years she cared for and raised Kofi, Edward and Desmond, and they grew up to be strong. Raising 3 kids more kids at her age was difficult but that did not stop her from pushing them towards the right path. As time continued and everyone got older ma started to get sick and in 2006 my mother and I went to see Ma. Out of 70 years that was the only break she would ever have. We stayed for a few years while mom helped grandma prepare food work and pay bills my grandma was teaching me how to be a better person. The whole family became happy and some time later we left.
A few years later Ma passed away. Grandma was not a hero because of a special skill or amazing feat. She was a person who always put someone above herself and showed kindness to every kind of person. There are not many people who come close to her character and there is not many like her left. Ma left a mark in everyone she had met and even though she spent a lifetime working hard she filled it with much
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