What Type Of Innovation Is Go Pro? Explain Your Rationale

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Question 1) What type of innovation is Go Pro? Explain your rationale.
Answer 1) GoPro® is a company that has a unique product, one that seemingly holds a certain niche in the marketplace. The company has been around for many years and has once again developed a new product. The new product allows for more agility, but does appear to come at the cost of some usability. As far as the company innovation strategy, I would have to say the most fitting type of innovation for the new GoPro® camera would have to be something called “demand innovation” (Gorchels, 2012, p. 164). This demand type of innovation has been stated to be “the act of identifying a customer’s higher-order needs beyond product functionality” (Mercer Management Consulting, 2003, np). The textbook phrases the definition in a slightly different way by stating that “demand innovation” is merely “meeting existing demand in a new way” (Gorchels, 2012, p. 164). Essentially, GoPro® has listened to consumers demands to bring their products to extreme uses and the ability to do this with a product with more ease sets this product apart. The demand innovation type is unique in itself. This type of innovation surely sets the stage for a “top-down approach” to being innovative (Jovanovic & Rafael, 1987, p. 63).

Question 2) Explain the reasons why Go Pro has penetrated the market so fast, with millions of consumers having purchased it?
Answer 2) GoPro® has had great success with their unique products. They…
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