What Type Of Leader You May Be An Effective And Successful Leader?

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Regardless of what type of leader you may be, an effective and successful leader must have personal power and be able to influence others to support his vision or carryout the mission of the school or business. Great leaders possess great communication skills, techniques, and tactics to positively motivate, inspire, and persuade others to join their work. After reading about the works of Robert B. Cialdini and his six principles of persuasion and Gary Yuki’s research on power and influence, although synonymous, influence and persuasion have slight variations in connotation. Influence is a mechanism derived from using one’s power while persuasion comes from knowing one’s motivation factors. Influence is what you have or who you are that impacts the message you are giving. Persuasion is a process that enables you to change or reinforce one’s attitude, belief, opinion, or behavior toward a predetermined outcome. Knowing what influence and persuasion are and how to use them effectively and positively with your employees will be essential in creating a great team and accomplishing the goal at hand. After years of research, interviews, and observation, Dr. Robert B. Cialdini wrote the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. The purpose of the book was to describe the process of getting someone to comply with your request by tapping into the shortcuts the brain creates for making quick decisions. In the modern age, our brains are consistently inundated with

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