What Type Of Leadership Identity Connects Developmental Influences, Developing Self Influenced And Students Changing Points Of View

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The purpose of this study was to understand a process of a person experiences as they develop their leadership identify. The research problem ask what type of leadership identity connects developmental influences, developing self-influenced and students changing points of view. The purpose statement does have an educational study. As educators we have been a part of our students’ development of growth. As an advisory teacher, I have seen how freshmen’s from the same class develop and change their identity to becoming the now seniors of today. The evidence presented in the research problem demonstrated an important issue in our society.
Evaluation of the Literature Review The literature reviewed in the qualitative study revealed a
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I would have included such questions for the following. What is the process being used to identify leadership? What is the phenomenon for the study and how would you explore how it relates to particular person.
Evaluation of Data Collection Plan

Selection of Participants The participants that were selected were from an invitation. The invitation was based on students that were previous identified or exhibited theoretical dimensions of leadership. The ethnicity of participants were diverse in selection. The participants range from sophomores to seniors and graduates in college. The group was selected were from diverse religion. Students used only their first and or nick name to be identified. The sampling chosen for this research was to have a well diverse population for the phenomenon. The distinction between random selecting and purposeful sampling expands the differences between quantitative and qualitative sampling. The assessment of theory or concept sampling would closely fit this type of research. The participants are selected is to generate a theory or explore a new concept of purposeful sampling.
Gaining Permission The participants were invited to participate in the study. Participants gave their permission once they voluntary accepted to be part of the study. Participants were provided with a written form of consent. I fill that ethical standards, by not obtaining consent forms would create a problem with the study. The participants were
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