What Type Of Team (S) Do These Employee Teams Appear To Be?

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What type of team(s) do these employee teams appear to be? Explain. The team(s) appear to be cross functioning teams because in the case application states the team of 7 to 10 is made up of workers with well diverse skills. The team(s) also appears to be a problem-solving team as well. They came up with an effective and efficient routine to build four engines instead three. The teams are self-managing as well, they meet only once a week and are each responsible for a section of the plane. 2. As this story illustrates, sometimes it may take a long time for a team to reach its goal. As a manager, how would you motivate a team to keep on trying? If I were a manager at Boeing, the techniques I would use to motivate a team to keep on trying is, to have them meet up on Monday mornings and watch a short video from a…show more content…
I also would use incentives, like gift certificates for dinner at a nice restaurants or free admission tickets to theme parks for a family. Employees love free things and from work experiences, I have seen these methods motivate employees. 3. What role do you think a team leader needs to play in this type of setting? Explain. A team leader must have the respect of its team. He or she must be willing to do work with the team as well and not just dictate to the team what needs to be done. The team leader must be a motivator and encourage the team to reach its goals. 4. Using Exhibit 14-10, what characteristics of effective teams would these teams need?
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