What Types Of Innovation That Are Happening At Geox?

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1. What are the types of innovation that are happening at Geox? What types of innovation should be included in their portfolio? Geox has been innovating since the time that the founder Mario Polegato used a knife to cut holes in his shoes to keep his feet from overheating. Since then the Geox mission is improving the everyday life of its customers, through breathable innovations. The company 's shoe technology combines vented soles with breathable membranes that allow humidity and heat to escape while still providing protection from the elements. The extraordinary success of Geox is due to the technological characteristics of its shoes and apparel, a result of continuous R&D investments. Thanks to a technology that has been protected by over 60 different patents registered in Italy and extended internationally, "Geox" products ensure technical characteristics that improve foot and body comfort in a way that consumers are able to appreciate immediately. Geox offers style and comfort, all day, through the following innovative technologies: Nebula, Amphibox, Geox Rubber Sole, and Apparel Breathing System. (Http://www.geox.biz/en/group/innovation-Technology/innovation-Technology.html. 2016)The Geox brand is considered a family brand, because its products are positioned “across-market” in terms of age and sex. Geox addresses all the members of a family through three different types of product line: children, men, and women. All these three types are divided into classic,

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