What Utilitarianism Is By Giving An Insight Into The History Behind The Theory

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This essay will give an in depth analysis of what utilitarianism is by giving an insight into the history behind the theory and through the us of theoretical examples on both the positive and negative connotations involved with this particular philosophical theory before making a well informed conclusion on the topic, the hopes of this essay is educate on the topic of utilitarianism, showing strengths and weaknesses involved with this theory. To answer the question posed of what is utilitarianism first the origin of this philosophical theory must be recognized. Dating back to the works of Thomas Hobbes in the seventeenth century the theory evolved from a previous body of thought called Epicureanism. The theory of utilitarianism was cursorily cultivated by Jeremy Bentham towards the end of the eighteenth century as scholars like Gerald Postema insisted that Bentham was a ‘careful student of Hobbes’ and that the central ideas he voiced mimicked his predecessor. When speaking about utilitarianism John Stuart Mill is considered the father of it with his Victorian principles on the theory. This outlook and interpretation that Mill had on the subject led to utilitarianisms immersion into multiple facets of modern thinking. Utilitarianism’s appearing aptness can in fact be debunked through using multiple faults that lie within the theory. This is only able to take place when the doctrine of utilitarianism is broken down to its simplest form. For the use of this essay I will use

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