What Value Chain Match Ups Do You See?

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The Nine –Cell industry attractiveness/business strength matrix graph will have the industry attractiveness on the vertical axis while the competitive strength is depicted on the horizontal axis; to the far left corner will be a large bubble representing U.S. grocery and the U.S. snacks, indicating that the U.S. Grocery and the U.S. snacks have both favorable industry attractiveness and competitive strength and thus warrants priority attention. In addition, the U.S. beverage, U.S. cheese and the U.S. convenient meals seem to huddle in the 3 diagonal cells stretching from the lower left to upper, indicating they merit intermediate attention by the Kraft incorporated. However, these segments of the company can be profitable if the company…show more content…
To this end, the initiative managers at Kraft created collaborative teams of experienced middle management across the board; members of the teams were chosen because of their proficiency in cash flow management. These teams of specialists help resolve situations that local managers may be unable to handle. Hence, the initiative team can be credited with creating an efficient protocol that has ensured all within the division are getting the adequate support needed to meet the company’s cost containment goals. Another area of value chain match up worth mentioning is, the tactics for paring down inventory, this process is also known within the Kraft organization as the “repetitive flexible manufacturing." The tactics optimizes the use of manufacturing lines that produce high-volume items at a regular frequency and in fixed quantities, Instead of responding daily to changing demand (Cooke, n.d.). In addition, the company distributes their products through a network of 42 owned and leased distribution centers. As of December 29, 2012, they distributed their products via 39 distribution centers in the United States and three in Canada. The company owns four and lease 38 of these distribution centers. Furthermore,
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