What Value The Traditional Database Projects Helps Run A Better Business?

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Mindset changes in data modeling “NoSQL practitioners focus on physical data model design rather than the traditional conceptual / logical data model process” (Hsieh, 2014). The mindset of the data modelers have changed in recent years. The flexibility, scalability and the ability to handle variety of structured to unstructured data of the NoSQL data bases have made the data modelers to think more in business –centric notion. It is always better to choose a NoSQL databases based on the business requirement rather than use a polished technology, which would bring out the best results. Some questions that traditional database projects answer are why, when and where relating to the business. Who is responsible and what value does it bring in…show more content…
Volume is the high amount of data that comes in.Variety is the data is a combination of structured, Un-Structured, Quasi-structured and semi-structured data. Velocity is the need to stream in the data in real time to analyze them and provide best reports. Veracity is an additional challenge which is dealing with authenticity of the data in one way to the other (Langit, 2015). NoSQL databases do address these challenges. These challenges have made the companies to change their view on how they look at the questions they ask their businesses. Those questions are more about the future than the past which provide a base for predictive analytics. Predictive analytics do focus on data there are different than the transactional data and more of behavioral data. They do predict the pattern based on running algorithms and statistics on supervised and unsupervised data. By statistics we mean regression, classification and clustering. And the results of predictive analytic are best understood by applying visualizations which play a major role in making the companies understand what is happening their business. There are four different choices of data storage. They are Files, Hadoop, NoSQL and relational databases (Langit, 2015). NoSQL vs RDBMS The RDMS(Relational databases sytems) involves two classifications OLTP(Online Transactional Processing) and OLAP(Online Analytical Processing).As the name suggests
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