What Values I Learned From My Family

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Growing up with my cultural views gave me access to several important values I learned from my family. These values are very important to me, as they have shaped who I am today. The three most important values for me would be: to be honest, to be myself, and to be respectful. Each value has taught me different perspectives, abilities and given me different qualities.
All three values are very important to me, however the most important one would have to be, being honest not just with others but being honest to myself. Everything depends on honesty. If friends, peers, or co-workers aren’t being honest with us, we can not trust the person, which leads to not being able to build relationships with one another. If people are not able to build relationships with another human, then the person will not be able to interact with a society. Lies will often hurt those who you told them to. Being honest has shaped by own perspectives because I want people to trust me and I want people to be honest with me as well. This will lead to building relationships with many other people.
The next value I learned from my family is to be myself. This means I should stick to my own values and to do what makes me happy and not to be swayed by peer pressure. This value has been shaped by my culture and experiences because my parents have given me freedom to do what I want to do. My family did not force me to go to a certain school or to get a certain degree to be just like them, instead my family

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