What Vital Signs Or Symptoms Does Annie Exhibit?

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Part I—Meet Annie Questions 1. What vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit? According to King Lester (1968 ), a symptom is a subjective term used to describe the manifestations of a disease while, vital signs are objective evidence of a disease. Based off of this definition, Annie’s signs and symptoms include blurred vision, head ache, gasping for air, feeling weak, feeling constant fatigue, and eyestrain. These signs or symptoms can be observed throughout the time Annie spends at the swim meet. Annie leaves the locker room and notices that her blurred vision and eyestrain that she had been experiencing over the past month had returned. She continued to exhibit health issues on her way leaving the building because she had felt the need to gasp for air while walking up the stairs. This abnormal amount fatigue she had felt from walking up the stairs, concerned Annie enough to consider getting her signs and symptoms checked out. Annie continued to exhibit signs and symptoms when she got back to her dorm and had a difficult time keeping her eyes open which indicates that she is exhibiting eyestrains. 2. Can you see any common features in Annie’s signs and symptoms? The signs and symptoms that Annie exhibits can be justified as being common. The amount of fatigue that she feels could be due to daily actives that are done through out the day. Also, being tired and sore after her swim meet could cause the eyestrain that she is experiencing. All of these symptoms can relate

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