What War Means To Me Research Paper

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War means different things to many people. To some, war is a state of armed conflict between different nation groups within a nation or state. To others, like Thomas Mann “War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace. To me, war is a fact of life, a survival of the fittest if you will. War has been around for thousands of years yet, it is only now that people look down on it. Like it’s cowardly to build sovereignty through warfare, when it is not. It is nature to fight for your loved ones. The first recorded war occurred in 2700 BCE between two Mesopotamian countries Sumer and Elam. They fought over land for their people. Is it despicable to fight for the well being of your country? Another famous battle is The Battle of Marathon fought in Greece in 490 BCE. The Greek men arrived at the battle undermanned with poor weapons. While Persia outnumbered them by many and they still lost to the Greeks. Those men weren’t out there to have fun they were standing up for what they needed and they won. The Romans are the best example, they…show more content…
With change comes bloodshed. The American Revolutionary War was fought for change. When the pilgrims sailed over to America, they left England in a peacefully. They left England in hopes that they would gain religious freedom quietly. Sadly it did not turn out that way, England did not want to let them go; without a fight that is. On April 9, 1775 in Lexington and Concord Massachusetts the first shots were fired in the war for freedom. The Revolutionary War was not the only war trying to bring positive change. The Civil war is another big step towards change. When the slave states and the free states had conflict it was always about the slaves and the south was not giving up the slaves peacefully. So the North had to do what was best for the country. On April 12,1861 the Civil war began. The United states began apart, but ended together as
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