What Was A Communist Government?

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1. What is a communist government?
A communist government is facilitated with that of equality throughout the working classes, where everyone has equal opportunities. It’s a system of government where the government operates and plans the economy; it is referred to as single party or dominant party, where it follows the ideology of Karl Marx. It is the opposite kind of government to a democracy. It started in Russia with Karl Marx where each person was treated under the same circumstances such as pay. It was developed to create an equal and fair society government known as the social party where no one was favoured. It was unable to perform efficiently as it slowly developed into an unfair situation where people where obviously higher and
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This caused the initial French colony of Indochina being declared in 1887. Until world war two and in the 1940’s, Vietnam had stayed part of the French Empire, until the invasion of Japanese soldiers. Vietnam took the opportunity to develop its own form of government, led by Ho Chi Mihn, until after the war where the allies had divided Vietnam giving South Vietnam back to the French and north Vietnam to the non-communist Chinese. However due to the poorly treated state North Vietnam was in, the Chinese in 1946 pulled out of the declaration of this area and the Ho Chi Mihn party took over and created the Viet Minh. Though during this time after, the French empire announced their intentions of recapturing the north, which resulted in the Viet Minh having to fight for it. During this, the cold war was occurring between RUSSR and the USA. The French started the Indochina War after the bombing in south Vietnam which killed 5000 people.

4. In what ways did the United States support the French in Vietnam?
The US supported the French colonies by joining them in the resistance of communism spreading from China to North Vietnam, where it would then spread throughout South Vietnam as well. This meant they would send needed soldiers and protection to Vietnam in order to strengthen their defences. They agreed to help the French try
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