What Was Ambrose 's View On Free Will And Grace?

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What was Ambrose’s view on free will and grace? Prior to the Augustine and Pelagian war on free will versus grace, there was a Milan bishop with not quite clear beliefs, but a definite point of view. Many believe Saint Augustine of Hippo was highly influenced by Saint Ambrose of Milan and would therefore assume an exact belief correlation, though it does not seem quite true. Augustine would argue that humans are flawed and dependent. Within his book On Grace and Free Will, Augustine states, “So now let us see what are the divine testimonies concerning the grace of God, without which we are not able to do any good thing.” (On Grace and Free Will 1.7) Opposing Augustine is Pelagian who would argue that humans are radically free and can achieve perfection through that of “good works.” In the same book by Augustine it is stated, “Pelagian argued that God’s grace is given according to our merits.” (On Grace and Free Will 1.10) Ambrose never wrote regarding free will and grace but one can closely analyze his writings in attempt to determine a belief.
Before discussing the concepts regarding free will it is first vital to understand the meaning of the term. Free will involves the ability and potential for one to be saved by God through good works; a concept found numerous times within the writings of Ambrose. It is clear that Ambrose believes people must do good in order to experience salvation. In De Officiis, Ambrose states, “He will be our judge, whom hidden things do not

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