What Was Fdr's Leadership Style

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Wyitt Ranck
Mrs. Fetchko
English IV
24 March 2017
What Leader Trumps All Else When you think leader, some think kings like William the Conqueror, others think of Prime Ministers such Winston Churchill, or even the leaders of the civil rights movement Martin Luther King Jr. They were all great men and had their time in the sun as great leaders, and they were some of the greatest leaders of their respective times and generations. There are many characteristics that go into a great leader. Things such as measurable things like education and votes in elections are easy to see and give a good impression. The greatest leader must have some of those measurable in his life time. Along with those easily visible things you need a multitude of other
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The depression began in 1929 and lasted nearly a decade until 1939 (“About the Great Depression.”) The Depression was spearheaded by a stock market crash in 1929 and it began one of the darkest periods in the history of the United States. Unemployment skyrocketed and everything crashed. In 1932 a man facing great adversity had reared his face into the bid for the presidency of the United States. His promises of reform and change had led to some of largest victories in history of any recorded competition. The greatest characteristic that lead to these landslide victories was his charisma. He was tall at over six-foot-tall and had one of the most projective voices that was also combined with the unveiling of the new technology of the radio let Roosevelt talk to the public in massive amounts. The final score of the 1936 election was 523 votes Roosevelt and 8 to Alfred Landon (“United States presidential election of 1936”). However, it was not his first victory for the seat it was by far the most impressive. He is the only man to have ever won more than two elections for president. At that he held the position for nearly four…show more content…
He did the most in the first 100 days of his presidency than any other single president in history as of right now. That means a lot considering he created the importance of the first 100 days of your first term of office standard. If you don’t know since Roosevelt the rest of the president’s term is based on his work in his first 100 days in office. He passed a record number of bills and propositions. He created everything from minimum wage to social security. This was all based on the term that he wanted to be the best president not for the country but be the greatest leader in the world. In world war two he waited calmly to enter the largest conflict in the world War Two. He over saw the depression as well but the greatest war in history is the reason that he brought the United States Economy out of the trench it was in. During the war production sky rocketed and saw heights it had never saw due to new technology and new advancements in
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