What Was George Washington An Interest In Early American History

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The topic was chosen based on an interest in early American History primarily Revolutionary times. One of the important people students of history learn about in this time period is a Virginian by the name of George Washington. A man who was known by titles such as “Father of his country”, “General”, and famously “President of the United States.” This is one of the Founding Fathers of American History that anyone can study about and learn something from him. He has set a precedent for all past and future leaders of the United States of America today. He is one of the fascinating people from American History. Research was conducted by first researching organizations, including the Mt.Vernon Ladies Association and its website this was a fascinating place to start it has a collection of primary source documents that when examined the true Washington shined through not just the school taught version of Washington. Additionally, secondary resource websites and several others covered an overview of Washington that was explored through his…show more content…
During the American Revolution, he could have set back and supported the British, nonetheless he was the Commander in Chief of the opposing army willing to fight, train, and even have unbelievable patience with basically farmers and other ordinary occupations in accordance during that time he never gave up and lead them to victory. In addition, he also helped create America’s Constitution that he knew would govern the nation for years to come. Consequently, one his biggest “taking a stand” moments was when he could be president for life. Nevertheless, he stepped down from his position and relinquished power willingly to the next leader. Only in America is that transition practiced and greatly appreciated by the people of the United States. This confirms Washington’s title of “The First Democratic Leader of the Free
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