What Was Girl Before A Mirror By Pablo Picasso

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The painting I chose to interpret was Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso, made in 1932. The medium of this painting is oil on canvas, and its dimension is 64x51 ¼” (162.3 x 130.2 cm). At first glance, you notice a blend of both vibrant and cool colors, creating a contrast between the woman and her reflection. Picasso also incorporated a mixture of unusual geometrical shapes that resemble a woman. In the painting, she seems to have clothes on her body but also seems to be naked. The paint strokes were thick, bold, and seemingly freehand, allowing the mind to wander and create its own interpretation. Also, there are a great difference in the facial expression and the colors used on the face between the girl and her reflection. Picasso…show more content…
This side has no makeup on, and shows detail in the eye, making it more warm and welcoming than the one represented in the day. The ‘dividing line’ in her face of the painting suggests that although there is one self, there are inherit changes within the self that take place at different times throughout life. The right side of the painting shows a mirror with the woman’s reflection in it. The colors on this side are much darker and charcoaled and seem to portray what is on the inside of this woman, whether it be her intentions, inner personality, or the way she views herself. The usage of cool colors on the mirror image implied a shadowy realm of uncertainty that may help expressing the inner thoughts and unconscious mind of the girl. The great difference between the colors used on the girl herself and her mirror image may indicate the difference between inner thoughts and outer appearance of people. What I first noticed about this reflection was the eye. It is completely brown around a shadow of black. It seems to be hollow, and intensified by the red splattered right next to it. Many believe the eye is the window to the soul, and if that is what Picasso was trying to portray then I believe he saw bad intentions and evil on the inside of this woman. The face inside of the mirror seems to be untrustworthy and unwelcoming. It also could represent an inner personality that did not match the physical one. Notice, too, that the woman on the left is not only
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