What Was It Like To Live In The Time During The Holocaust?

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What was it like to live in the time during the holocaust? What made the holocaust so revolutionary? Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler had a masterplan to eliminate the jews in Germany, the Nazis became powerful in a way that they saw the Jews as inferior. Through 1933 till 1945, roughly more than 11 million people were murdered. During the holocaust 1/3 of all Jewish people alive were persecuted. They created transit, concentration camps to monitor the Jews during the war. The concentration camps took away the rights of the victims as they were put through such traumatic experiences. The victims were racially discriminated to the point where they were treated poorly at the camps. Inmates were put through forced labor and were abused. This became…show more content…
Hitler in full power created laws, one of his laws was on how Jewish people citizenship and prohibiting marriage or sexual relations with people of "German or related blood”. Thus, started the concentration camp movement, Jews, Communists, Gypsies, homosexuals and others were sent to the camps. Hitler was known as a “monster” for his masterplan to eliminating the Jews. He ended over 11 million lives for no reason what so ever, just for what he believed. With such twisted morals, Hitler and his Nazis persecuted based off religions, cultures and beliefs. The holocaust was an insight for him as the “Final Solution” for his own benefit on what he believed in and his hatred towards Jews and others.
There has been many stories on how cruel the victims of the Holocaust were treated, especially in the concentration camps. The Auschwitz concentration camps, out of many other camps is where this all occurred.The victims were abused and put through forced labor, it was physically and mentally hard for them to live in the camps knowing in the matter of days they will die. The prisoners in the camps were forced to work, the sick and disabled prisoners were killed as they were seen as “useless” since they were not capable of working. The labor consisted of digging ditches, leveling the ground, laying roads, and constructing new blocks and buildings for a tough 11-14 hours a day. During the tiring and inevitable hours of working, the prisoners had small rations of food.The meals were
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