What Was Jesus Point Of The Teaching?

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a. What was Jesus’ point in the teaching?
In this teaching, Jesus was saying that we treat one another with love and compassion as he have loved us as much as laying his life for our sake, in order for us to join him in the kingdom of God. He said that we should speak well even to those who curse and despitefully use us and abuse us because, our reward for such time is in heaven and it is God who will revenge about these things for us. He said that we should love our enemy also not only our friends because God loves us the same way and God does not discriminate from anyone, despite their falls.

b. What sort of relevance does this teaching have for other worldviews?
Other relevance worldviews about this teaching was that, treating each other with respect and dignity will help to foster unity among people and make people to live in harmony as God intended for us that He made in His own image should live. This teaching also encourages us to know how God instructed us to use our tongue. He said that, we should not use our tongue to say evil things to one another or curse, because we are His likeness and we not bad in His sight but good. (Genesis 1:31).

c. What does this teaching reveal about Jesus?
He wants to reveal himself to humanity as the word of God. It revealed the supernatural power of his greatness and love for us and excellent teaching skills that he has to teach with simplicity and understanding. It shows the power he has over evil things and his purity in heart…
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