What Was Known About The Site Before Its Discovery?

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• What was known about the site before its discovery? Before the first known recording of Ur by Pietro Della Valle in 1625, there wasn’t much known about the site. It wasn’t until the early 1850’s that it was officially identified as the site of Ur which was due to the discovery of the Ziggurat of Ur by John George Taylor . The remains of the Ziggurat were first described by William Kennett Loftus, a Geologist and archaeologist from Newcastle, in the early 19th century. • How it was discovered and who discovered or rediscovered it. The site of Ur was first recorded in 1625 by Pietro Della Valle . Valle recorded the existence of ancient bricks appearing to be stamped with ancient inscriptions on black marbles thought to be seals. In 1853 until 1854, Ur was first excavated for the first by John George Taylor, as British Consulate who worked on behalf of the British Museum. Taylor conducted this excavation due to orders from the Foreign Office. Taylor’s excavation discovered the remains of the Ziggurat of Ur which was then covered by sand at the time. It was due to Taylor’s discovery of the Ziggurat of Ur that led to the identification of Ur, although remaining parts of the city were still hidden by sand at the time. The official excavation of the City did not begin until 1918 after World War I under the guidance of Reginald C. Thompson along with H.R.H.Hall. This excavation was funded by the British Museum. Excavation ceased a year later in 1919. Excavation later resumed in

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