What Was Once A Dream?

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What was once a dream has now been brought to life. Simply Made Simple, a company designed to bring high quality, organic skin care product to the community, has grown beyond what most people could have ever imagined. Starting as a small afternoon project in the kitchen has developed to a well-known brand sold around the country. With just a few employees and the recipes in the beginning, no one was sure where it would go but had high hopes for the future. As the years progressed, new product lines and team members have been added to the company family. Without customer demands growing the business might not have survived. From the growth seen so far, we can only hope to see further expansion and success for the years to come. Management…show more content…
Incentives presented throughout the year will help drive employees to work their hardest and produce quality products. It will also be able to reward exceptional work as well. Outwardly showing signs of gratitude and appreciation will continue to develop a respectful and appreciative relationship between every employee. Marketing By the second year, there was a need for new containers. This allowed the business to rebrand their product in a way that attracted more customers. Since the business was strongly marketed in a single city at first, making these changes allowed for it to stand out when it started to be distributed to other markets. Strongly utilizing social media and digital marketing methods enhanced the overall customer exposure. Redesigning the label and company logo made it stand out in a unique way. Utilizing these graphics to promote the brand will eventually establish a connection between the logo and the product itself. From magazine articles to inshore signage, all of these methods will help Simply Made Simple to gain the support and clientele needed to sustain the new and growing company. The more we could get the content out, the faster the clients were returning to purchase the products. Making these improvements
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