What Was The Cause Of The American Revolution?

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1: What was the cause of the American revolution? 2: The cause of the American Revolution was Britain’s selfish action that made the American colonies suffer from Britain 's problem. 3: The Americans were not being sensible and unwilling to compromise for the greater good. 1: Britain, what do you mean by compromise? 3: After the French-Indian war, we were in need of money because our funds were spent helping the Indians. Because of the grave debt that we were in, we decided that we would tax the colonies in order for us to regain some of our economic prowess. 2: Speaking on behalf of America, we did not understand or agree with the idea of the Sugar Act. It was just another way of Britain forcing their will onto the colonies. There was no need to tax us for Sugar, there are many other ways to gain money. 1: The Sugar Act, Britain, could you please explain the thought process behind that law. 3: The Sugar act was strictly a law we came up with to get money, there was no reason to try to impose or intimidate the colonies. The act was used to decrease smuggling in New England. We cut the taxes by 50% but because it was still considered a “tax” the people did not accept it because the colonies did not to be taxed at all. We wanted to stop smuggling into other countries, but the American colonies could not see how they could help us. 2: We noticed that we were Americans, and the British could no longer control us and hold us down. Ever since we started the colonies, we have
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