What Was The Cause Of The Munich Massacre

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The Munich Massacre during the summer Olympic of 1972 in Germany was a very tragic time where a lot of innocent athletes and people lost their lives because of a war going on between the Jews and the Arabs in in the middle east. They were in a political war that included religious implications as well. It all started out in Jun of 1972 where the Israel military was launching attacks against the Arab terrorist refuges living in the southern part of Lebanon. Since the Israeli military was attack people in Lebanon, Syria and Lebanon continued to supply the Palestinian guerrillas with weapons and areas for shelter for them. In 1948 the establishment of Jewish state in Israel came about, it was causing a lot of terror and hostility between Israel and the Arab countries that is surround the country. The country Egypt was the main leader of the Arab community, and they had a huge principle to help defend the Israeli military in any way they could not support themselves. In 1967 the Arab-Israeli war occurred and the Israel people won the battle without any help from anyone. Since the Arab-Israeli war and the victory that the Israel had, in 1972 no Arab nation ever attacked Israel again. (Mechikoff)
Even after the victory that Israel had in the Arab-Israeli war, the Arab guerrilla still was planning to attack Israel in some sort of way. They were ready to cause destruction and cause a lot of death. Israel was not going to just allow the Arab guerrilla to just attack them and do
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