What Was The Day I Was Born?

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April 6th, 302 NU. That was the day I was born. I guess you could say I was one of the first new beings to inhibit our new world. Our parental units were those whom, had traveled here decades before to start this “NU” or New Universe. Since our world is the only planet in existence we had to develop a society from the bare bones of our natural state. After The Great Decay of the 21st Century, many of my ancestors decided they had to leave their current planet and develop a better way of societal living. Due to traumatic experiences we do not ask the elders about their knowledge on the Unknown Planet and our past lessons do not educate us on the pre-planet lifestyle. Our new habitat was the planet of Neuhukama. My unit populates the private…show more content…
The specialized unit of Sekrety Usługa is not for the simple general public. Our section is a ring of the most educated and intellectual items in the Neuhukama world. The Naturalism’s in the Pure State offered little to no self control in beginning states of existence. The elements within the our original items were primitively the base of the interplay we practice in our day to day lives. Alas, truth lies beneath the process of trial and error. Our Naturalism ancestors made many mistakes that our nation currently regulates to create a better societal interaction. Before I delve into the past experimentation, I believe it is necessary to understand how the Sekrety Usługa of Neuhukama came about and how we work as a society. Based upon our creators, the Sekrety Usługa is a rather simplistic society. We are categorized by our innate abilities and sectioned to collaborate with those who do not share the same traits. This merging of different skills forces us to discover a deeper connection between each other. The relations developed are strong and complex physical and mental networks within the planet's various societies. Our specific association is catered to the intricate thinkers of our generation. To identify one another we use a series of lines and numbers that has been imprinted on our wrists to signify our inborn traits. My assigned number is 030217 and the lines that correspond

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